From Zotero to a linked data bibliography

Dan Scott / +DanScottCAN

Zotero is great

But it operates almost entirely on strings

This troubles me

  • A bibliography of Canadian labour studies
  • Collected as a Zotero group library at Laurentian University
  • But the Zotero web experience is slow

Better call Dan

First pass: RIS2Web

  1. Exported Zotero using RIS format
  2. Parsed RIS to populate a relational database
  3. Post-processed entities (authors, editors) to add URIs
  4. Served up via Python3, Flask, and PostgreSQL on a Google Compute Engine micro-instance ($0.15 / day) linked open data!

But RIS export from Zotero sucks

Not really supported by the Zotero team.

No enthusiasm.

Actually all exports from Zotero suck

MODS has broken references...

Zotero RDF is inconsistent...

Now using Zotero's database directly

Well, migrating to PostgreSQL, then building from there

Did I mention we're going to use this as the basis of a Laurentian University faculty bibliography?


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From Zotero to a linked data bibliography
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