Building GLAM directories:

Linked location and event data

Dan Scott, Laurentian University

We want to be found

Data should be accurate

Names. Hours. Locations. Contact info.

Names should be specific
Not good if you're actually open

Data should be single-sourced

Accuracy suffers when manual updates must be duplicated

While you can feed data to search engines through proxies such as Google+ pages, someone has to keep that up to date; and inevitably they lag or forget. Also, each search engine has its own proxy data entry approaches.

Data should be open

Supports local solutions as well as search engines

Thesis: offers a solution

Consumed by search engines, consumable by others

LocalBusiness + Place properties

Museum is not a LocalBusiness

Thus, no contactPoint or parentOrganization properties: issue #627


Until #628 is addressed, we can use the more generic LocalBusiness.