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Format for Authority Data

Format Changes List
Update No. 2 (October 2001)

Network Development and MARC Standards Office
Library of Congress

This section is provided for the lists of format changes that accompany each update to the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data. It can also be found in Appendix F of the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.

This page documents the changes contained in the second update to the 1999 edition of the MARC 21 Format for Authority Data. Update No. 2 (October 2001) includes changes resulting from proposals which were considered by the ALA ALCTS/LITA/RUSA Machine-Readable Bibliographic Information Committee (MARBI) at its meetings in 2001 and by the Canadian Committee on MARC (CCM) at its meetings in 2001.

LC Implementation Plans
Subscribers can anticipate receiving MARC records reflecting these changes in all distribution services no earlier than April 25, 2002.

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