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245 - Title Statement (NR)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
October 2008

First Indicator
Title added entry
0 - No added entry
1 - Added entry

Second Indicator
Nonfiling characters
0 - No nonfiling characters
1-9 - Number of nonfiling characters

Subfield Codes
$a - Title (NR)
$b - Remainder of title (NR)
$c - Statement of responsibility, etc. (NR)
$f - Inclusive dates (NR)
$g - Bulk dates (NR)
$h - Medium (NR)
$k - Form (R)
$n - Number of part/section of a work (R)
$p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
$s - Version (NR)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Title and statement of responsibility area of the bibliographic description of a work.

Title Statement field consists of the title proper and may also contain the general material designation (medium), remainder of title, other title information, the remainder of the title page transcription, and statement(s) of responsibility. The title proper includes the short title and alternative title, the numerical designation of a part/section and the name of a part/section.

For mixed material, the title statement is defined as the name by which the material is known. The field may contain inclusive dates (subfield $f) and bulk dates (subfield $g) pertaining to a collection. For collections with no formal bibliographic title, subfield $k (Form) is used. Subfield $k may also be used to indicate "form" even if a formal title is given in subfields $a, $b, and $c.



First Indicator - Title added entry
Whether a title added entry is made.
0 - No added entry
No title added entry is made, either because no title added entry is desired or because the title added entry is not traced the same as the title in field 245.Value 0 is always used when a 1XX heading field is not present in the record.
245 00$a[Man smoking at window].
245 03$aLe Bureau$h[filmstrip] =$bLa Oficina = Das Büro.
245 00$aHeritage Books archives.$pUnderwood biographical dictionary.$nVolumes 1 & 2 revised$h[electronic resource] /$cLaverne Galeener-Moore.
1 - Added entry
Desired title added entry is the same as the title in field 245.
245 10$aCancer research :$bofficial organ of the American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.
245 10$aStatistics :$bfacts or fiction.
245 10$a[Nocturne, dance house].
Second Indicator - Nonfiling characters
Number of character positions associated with a definite or indefinite article (e.g., Le, An) at the beginning of a title that are disregarded in sorting and filing processes.
0 - No nonfiling characters
No initial article character positions are disregarded.
245 10$aWar of the worlds.
245 10$aHarvard project manager.
Diacritical marks or special characters at the beginning of a title field that does not begin with an initial article are not counted as nonfiling characters.
245 00$a[Diary].
245 10$a--as others see us.
1-9 - Number of nonfiling characters
Title begins with a definite or indefinite article that is disregarded in sorting and filing processes. Any diacritical mark, space or mark of punctuation associated with the article and any space or mark of punctuation preceding the first filing character after the article is included in the count of nonfiling characters. Any diacritic, however, associated with the first filing character is not included in the count of nonfiling characters.
245 04$aThe Year book of medicine.
245 12$aA report to the legislature for the year ...
245 12$aL'enfant criminal.
245 05$a[The Part of Pennsylvania that ... townships].
245 16$a--the serpent--snapping eye.
245 18$aThe ... annual report to the Governor.
245 12$aL'été.
245 14$aHē Monē tou Horous Sina.
245 15$aTōn meionotētōn eunoia :$bmythistorēma /$cSpyrou Gkrintzou.
245 15$aTōn Diōnos Rōmaikōn historiōn eikositria biblia =$bDionis Romanarum historiarum libri XXIII, à XXXVI ad LVIII vsque.
245 15$aThe “winter mind” :$bWilliam Bronk and American letters /$cBurt Kimmelman.


$a - Title
Title proper and alternative title, excluding the designation of the number or name of a part. Subfield $a also contains the first title of separate works (by the same or different authors/composers) in a collection lacking a collective title.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $a includes all the information up to and including the first mark of ISBD punctuation (e.g., an equal sign (=), a colon (:), a semicolon (;), or a slash (/)) or the medium designator (e.g., [microform]).
245 10$aMap of Amish farmland, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.
245 00$aProceedings /$c...
245 00$aETZ :$b...
245 00$aJohn Eager Howard.
245 13$aal-Sharq al-`Arabi.
245 13$aAn interpretation of Zarahemla ...
245 10$aNineteenth-century bird prints.
245 10$aUnder the hill, or, The story of Venus and Tannhauser.
245 10$a[Seventeen poems].
245 00$aConcerto for piano, with chamber music ensemble, op. 26 (1961).
245 00$aHamlet ;$bRomeo and Juliette ; Othello ...
245 00$aOklahoma$h[sound recording] ;$bCarousel ; South Pacific ...
245 00$aPortals to the world.$pSelected Internet resources.$pMaldives$h[electronic resource] /$ccreated and maintained by the Asian Division, Area Studies Directorate.
$b - Remainder of title
Data includes parallel titles, titles subsequent to the first (in items lacking a collective title), and other title information.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $b contains all the data following the first mark of ISBD punctuation and up to and including the mark of ISBD punctuation that introduces the first author statement (i.e., the first slash (/)) or precedes either the number (subfield $n) or the name (subfield $p) of a part/section of a work. Note that subfield $b is not repeated when more than one parallel title, subsequent title, and/or other title information are given in the field.
245 10$aPrivate eyeballs :$ba golden treasury of bad taste.
245 10$aConference on Industrial Development in the Arab Countries :$b[proceedings].
245 00$aLord Macaulay's essays ;$band, Lays of ancient Rome.
245 10$aDistribution of the principal kinds of soil :$borders, suborders, and great groups : National Soil Survey Classification of 1967.
245 00$aColorado heritage :$bthe journal of the Colorado Historical Society.
245 10$aCeramic forum international :$bCFI : Berichte der DKG.
245 10$aTrade Union Fellowship Program :$b[announcement].
245 00$aMap of Nelson, Richmond, Motueka :$bscale 1:20000.
245 10$aRock mechanics :$bjournal of the International Society for Rock Mechanics = Felsmechanik.
245 10$aGentlemen's quarterly$h[microform] :$bGQ.
245 00$aFocus on grammar$h[electronic resource] :$bbasic level.
245 00$aLove from Joy :$bletters from a farmer’s wife.$nPart III,$p1987-1995, At the bungalow.
245 10$aInternational review of applied psychology :$bthe journal of the International Association of Applied Psychology = Revue internationale de psychologie appliquée.
246 11$aRevue internationale de psychologie appliquée
$c - Statement of responsibility, etc.
First statement of responsibility and/or remaining data in the field that has not been subfielded by one of the other subfield codes.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $c contains all data following the first slash (/). Once a subfield $c has been recorded, no further subfield coding of field 245 is possible.
245 04$aThe plays of Oscar Wilde /$cAlan Bird.
245 10$aHow to play chess /$cKevin Wicker ; with a foreword by David Pritchard ; illustrated by Karel Feuerstein.
245 10$aHe who hunted birds in his father's village :$bthe dimensions of a Haida myth /$cGary Snyder ; preface by Nathaniel Tarn ; edited by Donald Allen.
245 10$aIsland series.$pPenrhyn, bethymetry /$ccompilation by K.B. Lewis, P. Larkin, and T.T. Rongo ; bathymetric compilation and contouring by K.B. Lewis, T.T. Rongo and A.T. Utanga ; drawn by S.C. Glover.
245 10$aProject directory /$cTDC = Répertoire des projets / CDT.
245 14$aThe analysis of the law /$cSir Matthew Hale. The students companion / Giles Jacob.
245 00$aManagement report.$nPart I /$cU.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command.
245 00$aBétail et volaille /$cBureau des statistiques de Québec = Livestock and poultry / Quebec Bureau of Statistics.
245 00$aConcerto per piano n. 21, K 467$h[sound recording] /$cW.A. Mozart. L’assedio di Corinto. Ouverture / G. Rossini.
$f - Inclusive dates
Time period during which the entirety of the contents of the described materials were created.
245 00$aShort-Harrison-Symmes family papers,$f1760-1878.
245 00$kLetter,$f1901 March 6,$bDublin, to Henrik Ibsen, Kristiana [Oslo].
$g - Bulk dates
Time period during which the bulk of the described materials were created.
245 00$kRecords,$f1939-1973$g1965-1972.
245 10$kEmployment applications$gJan.-Dec. 1985.
$h - Medium
Medium designator used in the title statement. In records formulated according to ISBD principles, the medium designator appears in lowercase letters and is enclosed within brackets. It follows the title proper (subfields $a, $n, $p) and precedes the remainder of the title ($b), subsequent titles (in items lacking a collective title), and/or statement(s) of responsibility ($c).
245 04$aThe Green bag$h[microform] :$ba useless but entertaining magazine for lawyers.
245 14$aThe New Lost City Ramblers with Cousin Emmy$h[sound recording].
245 14$aThe royal gazette$h[microform] /$cNew Brunswick.
245 00$a[Geode]$h[realia].
245 00$aDaily report.$pPeople's Republic of China$h[microform] /$cFBIS.
245 14$aThe printer's manual$h[microform] /$cby Caleb Stower ; with a new introduction by John Bidwell. The printer's companion / by Edward Grattan ; with a new introduction by Clinton Sisson.
245 03$aLa mer$h[sound recording] ;$bKhamma ; Rhapsody for clarinet and orchestra /$cClaude Debussy.
[Item lacking a collective title]
$k - Form
Term that is descriptive of the form of the described materials, determined by an examination of their physical character, subject of their intellectual content, or the order of information within them (e.g., daybooks, diaries, directories, journals, memoranda, etc.).
245 10$aFour years at Yale :$kdiaries,$f1903 Sept. 16-1907 Oct. 5.
245 00$aPL 17 Hearing Files$kCase Files$f1974$pDistrict 6$hmicrofilm (jacketted in fiche).
245 14$aThe charity ball :$ba comedy in four acts :$ktypescript,$f1889 /$cby David Belasco and Henry C. DeMille.
$n - Number of part/section of a work
Number designation for a part/section of a work used in a title. Numbering is defined as an indication of sequencing in any form, e.g., Part 1, Supplement A, Book two. In music titles, the serial opus, or thematic index number are generally not contained in subfield $n.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $n data follows a period (.) unless the last word in the [preceding] field is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with final punctuation. Multiple alternative numberings for a part/section are contained in a single subfield $n.
245 00$aMore!$n3 /$cHerbert Puchta ... [et al.].
245 10$aFaust.$nPart one.
245 14$aThe Bookman.$nPart B.
$p - Name of part/section of a work
Name of a part/section of a work in a title.
In records formulated according to ISBD principles, subfield $p data follows a period (.) when it is preceded by subfield $a, $b or another subfield $p. Subfield $p follows a comma (,) when it follows subfield $n.
245 10$aAdvanced calculus.$pStudent handbook.
245 10$aInternationale Strassenkarte.$pEurope 1:2.5 Mio. :$bmit Register = International road map.$pEurope, 1:2.5 mio : with index /$cRV Reise- und Verkehrsverlag.
245 00$aHistorical statistics.$pSupplement /$c...
245 00$aDissertation abstracts.$nA,$pThe humanities and social sciences.
245 00$aDeutsche Bibliographie.$pWöchentliches Verzeichnis.$nReihe B,$pBeilage, Erscheinungen ausserhalb des Verlagsbuchhandels :$bAmtsblatt der Deutschen Bibliothek.
Subfields $n and $p are repeated only when following a subfield $a, $b, $n, or $p. If a title recorded in subfield $c includes the name and/or number of a part/section, those elements are not separately subfield coded.
245 10$aZentralblatt für Bakteriologie, Parasitenkunde, Infektionskrankheiten und Hygiene.$n1. Abt. Originale.$nReihe B,$pHygiene, Krankenhaushygiene, Betriebshygiene, präventive Medizin.
245 00$aAnnual report of the Minister of Supply and Service Canada under the Corporations and Labour Unions Returns Act.$nPart II,$pLabour unions =$bRapport annuel du ministre des Approvisionnements et services Canada présenté sous l'empire et des syndicates ouvriers.$nPartie II,$pSyndicats ouvriers.
$s - Version
Name, code, or description of a copy of the described materials that was generated at different times or for different audiences.
245 10$aDirector's report of the Association of Insurance Adjusters.$sMember release.
$6 - Linkage
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Punctuation - Field 245 ends with a period, even when another mark of punctuation is present, unless the last word in the field is an abbreviation, initial/letter, or data that ends with final punctuation.
245 10$aCosmic search.
245 00$aMarcel Marceau, ou, L'art du mime.
245 10$aWelcome aboard! :$byour career as a flight attendant /$cBecky S. Bock, Cheryl A. Cage.
245 10$aAnnual report for fiscal year ...
245 00$aWho is it?
245 10$aHearne Brothers official polyconic projection map of Greater Knoxville with all of Knox County /$cHearne Brothers, cartographers ; production staff, G. Lee Graham ... [et al.].
245 10$aAhab’s wife, or, The star-gazer :$ba novel /$cby Sena Jeter Naslund ; illustrations by Christopher Wormell.
245 00$aRubber world$h[microform].
245 10$aMoby-Dick, or, The whale /$cby Herman Melville.
245 10$aWelcome! :$ba biblical and practical guide to receiving new members /$cErvin R. Stutzman ; foreword by Marlene Kropf.
245 00$aWho’s inventing what? :$bpatents granted in the United States as reported in the Official gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

See also subfield descriptions for punctuation information.
Spacing - When adjacent initials appear in a title separated or not separated by periods, no spaces are recorded between the letters or periods.
245 10$aNBA in action.
245 10$aH.G. Wells and the world state.

One space is used between preceding and succeeding initials if an abbreviation consists of more than a single letter.
245 10$aMercer County, Virginia (W. Va.) 1850 census.

An ellipsis ( ... ) is recorded when it occurs after the first word of the title. A space is input before and after an ellipse occuring within the data. No space is input following an ellipsis when it is followed by a comma, period, exclamation point, or question mark.
245 10$aAzul ... y poemas /$cRubén Darío.


$d - Designation of section/part/series (SE) [OBSOLETE, 1979]
$e - Name of part/section/series (SE) [OBSOLETE, 1979]
Prior to the redefinitions of subfields $n and $p for numbered and named parts/sections of a work in other fields in 1979, these data were contained in subfields $d and $e in field 245.
$h - Medium
Prior to 1994, AACR2 cataloging rules required that the medium designator be recorded following other title information and all the title in works lacking a collective title. In Pre-1994 records, subfield $h generally follows subfield $b and even subfield $c in some cases.

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