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270 - Address (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - full
May 2017

First Indicator Second Indicator
# - No level specified
1 - Primary
2 - Secondary

Type of address
# - No type specified
0 - Mailing
7 - Type specified in subfield $i

Subfield Codes
  • $a - Address (R)
  • $b - City (NR)
  • $c - State or province (NR)
  • $d - Country (NR)
  • $e - Postal code (NR)
  • $f - Terms preceding attention name (NR)
  • $g - Attention name (NR)
  • $h - Attention position (NR)
  • $i - Type of address (NR)
  • $j - Specialized telephone number (R)
  • $k - Telephone number (R)
  • $l - Fax number (R)
  • $m - Electronic mail address (R)
  • $n - TDD or TTY number (R)
  • $p - Contact person (R)
  • $q - Title of contact person (R)
  • $r - Hours (R)
  • $z - Public note (R)
  • $4 - Relationship (R)
  • $6 - Linkage (NR)
  • $8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


An address (as well as electronic access information such as email, telephone, fax, TTY, etc. numbers) for contacts related to the content of the bibliographic item. Multiple addresses, such as mailing addresses and addresses corresponding to the physical location of an item or facilities, are recorded in separate occurrences of field 270.

For online resources, the addresses may apply to persons or agencies that are responsible for the general availability of the item.

Addresses related to the publisher, manufacturer, or vendor of an item are recorded in field 260 (Publication, Distribution, Etc. (Imprint)) subfield $a (Place of publication, distribution, etc.), field 260 subfield $e (Place of manufacture), and field 037 (Source of Acquisition), respectively. Contacts related to access to an instance of an online resource at a particular electronic location are contained in field 856 (Electronic Location and access) subfield $m (Contact for access assistance).



First Indicator - Level

Used to distinguish primary and additional (secondary) addresses.

# - No level specified
1 - Primary

Information relates to a primary address.

270 1#$aSt. Louis County Government Center, Room 212$bClayton$cMO$e63143$k1-314-878-0238$pMarilyn Saunders
2 - Secondary

Information relates to an address that is not the primary address.

Second Indicator - Type of address

Type of the address for cases when identification of the type is needed at the field level. At present, only one type of address is accommodated by a specific second indicator value. Other types may be indicated in subfield $i (Type of address).

# - No type specified
0 - Mailing
7 - Type specified in subfield $i

Address is other than a mailing address and that its type is identified in subfield $i (Type of address).

270 27$iU.S. business address$aEditorial Inca$a9610 SW 58th St.$bMiami$cFL$e33173


$a - Address

All address information preceding the name of the city or town, except attention information which is recorded in subfields $f, $g, and $h. The subfield can also contain information indicating that no address information is available. Subfield $a is repeated to indicate separations of address information.

270 1#$aGateway Publishing$aP.O. Box 786$bNorth Adams$cMA$e01247$k1- 413-664-6185$l1-413-664-9343$m[email protected]$m[email protected]
270 1#$aHoover's, Inc.$a1033 La Posada Dr., Suite 250$bAustin$cTX$e78752$k1-512-374-4500$l1-512-374-4501$m[email protected]
270 ##$aNo address given/sin dirección

$b - City

Name of the city or town.

270 1#$aClaims Providers of America P.O. Box 395$bEsparto$cCA$e95627$k800-735-6660$l916-796-3631$m[email protected]

$c - State or province

Name of the state, province, or next larger jurisdiction, when this information is an integral part of the address.

270 ##$aAmerican National Standards Institute$a11 West 42 Street$bNew York$cNY$e10036$k1-212-642-4900$l1-212-398-0023

$d - Country

270 1#$aGaleNet$a835 Penobscot Bldg.$bDetroit$cMI$dU.S.$e48226-4094$m[email protected]
270 ##$aInternational Atomic Energy Agency$aP.O. Box 100$aWagramer Strasse 5,$eA-1400$bVienna$dAustria$k+43-1-2600-0$l+43-1-2600-7$m[email protected]

$e - Postal code

Alphanumeric code assigned the postal delivery area by a national postal agency.

270 ##$aUniversity of Alaska$a707 A St.$bAnchorage$cAK$e99501$k1-901-279-4523
270 ##$aBibliothèque américaine à Paris$a10, rue du Général Camou$bParis$dFrance$e75007

$f - Terms preceding attention name

Term of address associated with the attention name (e.g., General, Dr.) when the term precedes the name.

270 1#$fDr.$gGeorge Smith$hDirector$a8899 South Lobo St.$bVancouver$cBC$dCanada$eV2N 1Z5$j1-800-543-1234$k1-604-947-1255$l1-604-947-0505$mGSMITHBC

$g - Attention name

Attention name, e.g., the name of a person.

270 ##$gEvan Smith$hWebmaster$aNational Association Headquarters$bWashington$cDC$m<email address>
270 10$gc/o M. Ballweg$a87 Woodward Ave., Staten Island$cNY$e10314$k1-718-761-5679

$h - Attention position

Position or terms of address associated with the attention name (e.g., Chief, M.D.) when the information follows the name.

270 ##$hExecutive Officer$a3701 Old Court Road, Suite 20$bBaltimore$cMD$e21208$k1-410-486-5515

$i - Type of address

One or more words denoting the kind of address found in the field (e.g., "Billing"). Subfield $i is the first subfield in the field, unless subfield $6 is present.

270 17$iOffice:$a325 Spring St.$bNew York$cNY$e10013
270 27$iBilling address:$aSears Credit$b7023 Albert Pick Rd.$cGreensboro$dNC$e27409$dUSA$j1-800-347-8425

$j - Specialized telephone number

Important service number, as opposed to an administrative telephone number that is recorded in subfield $k. Examples of specialized telephone numbers include hotline numbers, toll-free numbers, emergency numbers, etc. If more than one specialized telephone number is associated with the address, each number is given in a separate subfield $j.

270 ##$aOCLC Pacific$a9227 Haven Ave., Suite 260$bRancho Cucamonga$cCA$e91730$j1-800-854-5753$k1-909-941-4220$l1-909-948-9803
270 ##$aP.O. Box 50007$bPasadena$cCA$e91115$j1-213-681-2626 (24 hour hotline)

$k - Telephone number

Regular telephone number associated with the address and/or the public information contact person at that address. It can also contain information that no telephone number is available. If more than one telephone number is associated with the address and/or public information contact person, each number is given in a separate subfield $k.

270 ##$aMinnesota Center against Violence and Abuse$a386 McNeal Hall$a1985 Buford Ave.$aUniversity of Minnesota$bSaint Paul$cMN$e55108$k1-612-624-0721$k1-800-646-2282 (In Minnesota)$l1-612-625-4288$m[email protected]
270 ##$aFlorence Bain Center$a5470 Beaverkill Road$bColumbia$cMD$k1-410-964-0415 (Eve)$k1-410-461-0275 (Day)
270 ##$aP.O. Box 74$aStaten Island$cNY$kno phone/sin teléfono

$l - Fax number

Fax number associated with the address. If more than one fax number is associated with the address, each number is given in a separate subfield $l.

270 ##$aInterNIC Information Services$bSan Diego$cCA$k1-619-455-4600$l1-619-455-3900

$m - Electronic mail address

Electronic mail address associated with the address. If more than one electronic mail address is associated with the address, each number is given in a separate subfield $m.

270 ##$aFederation of Tax Administrators$a444 N. Capitol St., NW$bWashington$cDC$e20001$m[email protected]
270 ##$aLibrary of Congress$aNetwork Development and MARC Standards Office$bWashington$cDC$dU.S.$e20540-4402$l1-202-707-0115$m[email protected]

$n - TDD or TTY number

TDD or a TTY number associated with the address. If there is both a TDD number and a TTY number (and/or more than one of each) associated with the address, each number is given in a separate subfield $n.

270 ##$k1-800-522-7116$n1-800-523-3494 (TTY)

$p - Contact person

Name of a contact person at the address. If more than one contact person is associated with the address, each name is given in a separate subfield $p. If the name of the person is the same name as the attention name found in subfield $g, the information is not repeated in subfield $p.

270 ##$aSchool of Law, The University of Waikato$aPrivate Bag 3105$bHamilton$dNew Zealand$k64-7-856 2889 x6258$m[email protected]$pDouglasDavey$qLIINZ site administrator
270 ##$a666 Broadway$bNew York$cNY$e10012$j1-800-221-4602$k1-212-460-9330$pDonna M. Rosenthal

$q - Title of contact person

270 ##$aHannah More Academy Center, 12035 Reisterstown Rd.$bReisterstown$cMD$e21136$k1-410-887-1139$pIan J. Forrest$qBureau Chief

$r - Hours

Hours that access to the contact and/or telephone numbers is available. If the record is for a system or service, the hours it is available are recorded in field 307 (Hours, Etc.). This subfield is only for the hours associated with address information in field 270. Days of the week and global time zone usually accompany the indication of hours.

270 ##$aJohn Hopkins University$a5457 Twin Knolls Road$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$k+1-410-997-8045$rM-F 8:30am-5:00pm USA EST

$z - Public note

Note relating to the address information contained in field 270. The note is written in a form that is adequate for public display.

$4 - Relationship

Code or URI that specifies the relationship from the entity described in the record to the entity referenced in the field. More than one relationship code or URI may be used if there is more than one relationship. A source of relationship codes is: MARC Code List for Relators.

270 ##$aOCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.$a6565 Frantz Road$bDublin$cOH$e43017-3395$k1-614-764-6000$m[email protected]$4org

$6 - Linkage

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.

$8 - Field link and sequence number

See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


Punctuation - Subfields do not end with a mark of punctuation unless an abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that ends with a mark of punctuation is present.

Style for Recording Address Information - In subfield $c standard abbreviations for states and provinces are preferred, such as the two-character U.S. Postal Service abbreviations for the American states and the Canada Post abbreviations for the Canadian provinces. In subfield $d, the full name of the country is preferred, with exceptions for widely recognized abbreviations, such as U.S. for the United States of America.

Input Order of Telephone Numbers - If the address has a regular telephone number and a contact person at that address has a different telephone number, the telephone number associated with the address follows the address information (subfields $a-$e); the telephone number associated with an attention or contact person follows the name of the person with whom it is associated.

270 ##$a1500 Greenmount Ave.$bBaltimore$cMD$e21202$k1-410-361-4669$pDonna Green$k1-410-361-4669$pShirley Price$k1-410-361-4674

If the telephone numbers of the address and the person are the same, the telephone number follows the address information.

Style for Recording Telephone, Fax, etc. Numbers - In field 270, periods, spaces, and parentheses used to divide the portions of a number are replaced with hyphens. The numbers recorded in subfields $j, $k, $l, and $n are recorded as follows:

<country code>-<area/city code>-<exchange/line number>

Exchange/line number portion often includes internal separators which are replaced by hyphens. If an extension is also given, it is appended to the telephone number preceded by a space and " x".

270 ##$aBOCA International$bEvanston$cIL$k1-708-799-2300 x111
[Telephone number includes the country code "1" for U.S.A., the area code 708 for Evanston, Illinois, the local exchange 799, the subscriber line number 2300, and the extension 111]


$4 - Relator code [RENAMED, 2017] [REDESCRIBED, 2017]

Subfield $4 was renamed and redescribed to allow for the recording of relationship URIs in addition to MARC and non-MARC codes.

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