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583 - Action Note (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
October 2005

First Indicator
# - No information provided
0 - Private
1 - Not private

Second Indicator
# - Undefined

Subfield Codes
$a - Action (NR)
$b - Action identification (R)
$c - Time/date of action (R)
$d - Action interval (R)
$e - Contingency for action (R)
$f - Authorization (R)
$h - Jurisdiction (R)
$i - Method of action (R)
$j - Site of action (R)
$k - Action agent (R)
$l - Status (R)
$n - Extent (R)
$o - Type of unit (R)
$u - Uniform Resource Identifier (R)
$x - Nonpublic note (R)
$z - Public note (R)
$2 - Source of term (NR)
$3 - Materials specified (NR)
$5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)


Information about processing, reference, and preservation actions.

Reference actions may include a brief statement about solicitation to acquire material, whether the solicitation is active or inactive, and the date of the last item of correspondence.

Preservation actions may include a review of condition, queuing for preservation, and completion of preservation.

Field 583 is repeatable to record information about different actions.

Standard Terminology may be used and the authority for the terminology may be indicated in subfield $2.

Identical to field 583 (Action Note) defined in the MARC 21 Format for Holdings Data.



First Indicator - Privacy
Whether the contents of the field are private or not. The state of being private includes information that institutions do not want to display to the public.
# - No information provided
No information is provided as to the privacy of the field contents.
583 ##$afilmed$fNEH project (SCH)$c2001
0 - Private
Field contains private information.
1 - Not private
No private information in the field.
583 1#$apreserve$bPA-061$c19831204
Second Indicator - Undefined
Undefined and contains a blank (#).


$a - Action
Standardized terminology descriptive of the action.
Refers to any action taken with respect to the described materials (e.g., accession, appraise, authenticate, classify, copy, describe, exhibit, lend, organize, microfilm, preserve, reference, schedule, solicit, survey, transfer, etc.). For preservation activities, this subfield contains a description of the action (e.g., condition reviewed, queued for preservation, preservation interim treatment, preservation completed).
583 ##$acondition reviewed$c19980207$lpages missing$2stmsrf
583 0#$adowngraded$c19910110$hJoe Smith$otitle$xfrom secret FRD to confidential NSI
583 0#$adeclassified$c19890428$fspecial re-review$hJoe Smith$odocument$xfrom confidential NSI to unclassified official use only, exemption 2: circumvention of statute
583 0#$areviewed$c19950601$hClassification Department$otitle$xdetermined to be unclassified
[Field used for actions concerning downgrading, classifying, etc. of material.]
$b - Action identification
Code or designation assigned to identify a specific action or to identify it in conjunction with time of action (e.g., an accession number or project code).
583 ##$38 record center cartons$n8$ocu. ft.$aaccession$b82-14$c19820606
583 1#$amicrofilmed$b2004-J292$c20041103$zfor ordering information contact the Preservation Department$2pda$5ICU
583 0#$aupgraded$c20010422$hU.S. Department of Energy$odocument$xfrom Confidential RD to Secret RD
583 0#$aretained$bclassification$c19950713$fDeclassification Review Project$hJohn Keeton$odocument$xrequires other agency review
583 0#$achanged$bcaveat$xSigma 1 added$xcritical nuclear weapon data information (CNWDI) added$bdistribution limitation$xInternal Distribution Only removed$c19980306$hMary Brown$odocument
[Field used for actions concerning downgrading, classifying, etc. of material.]
$c - Time/date of action
Concrete time or date of a future or past action.
In conjunction with the appropriate action this may indicate date of accessioning, acquisition, classification, transfer, or description. The date and time are recorded according to Representations of Dates and Times (ISO 8601). The date requires 8 numeric characters in the pattern yyyymmdd (4 for the year, 2 for the month, and 2 for the day). The time requires 8 numeric characters in the pattern hhmmss.f (2 for the hour, 2 for the minute, 2 for the second, and 2 for a decimal fraction of the second, including the decimal point). The 24-hour clock (00-23) is used.
583 0#$3plates$acondition reviewed$c20040915$lmutilated$2pda$5DLC
583 1#$awill microfilm$c2004$2pda$5ICU
$d - Action interval
Time period which cannot be expressed as a specific date (e.g., at end of academic term or every six months).
583 ##$aappraise$bOPR 80/144$dquinquennial
$e - Contingency for action
Time or time period expressed in terms of an unpredictable event (e.g., at conclusion of court case, after death of daughter, or upon receipt).
583 0#$atransfer$eat conclusion of court case
$f - Authorization
Text of, or citation to, a statute, action order, report, rationale, or rule governing a particular action.
583 ##$aqueued for preservation$c19861010$epriority$fTitle IIC project$5DLC
$h - Jurisdiction
Name of a person, an institution, or a position or function within an institution, in whom or in which responsibility for an action is vested.
583 ##$atransfer$c19770613$huniversity archives
$i - Method of action
Means or technique by which an action was performed.
Examples of means include: by mail, in person, by phone for reference services. Examples of technique include: scrap, incinerate, shred for disposition.
583 ##$3text$atransformed digitally$c2003$itext markup$2pda$5VA
583 ##$3reformatted$c19871211$imicrofilm$2stmanf
$j - Site of action
Location at which the described materials are acted upon, including the site at which they are consulted by users.
583 ##$aexhibit$c19840512 through 19841230$epending results of conservation test$jMuseum of Fine Arts$kAFD
$k - Action agent
Person or organization which performs the action.
583 ##$3scrapbooks (10 volumes)$n1$ocu. ft.$amicrofilm$c198303$eat completion of arrangement$f1983 master film schedule$kThomas Swing
583 0#$aappraised$c197508$l$25,000$kKarl Schach
$l - Status
Condition or state of the described materials
Condition is sometimes but not always resulting from an action (e.g., physical condition, insurance value, or description status). For preservation activities, this subfield may contain information about the condition of the item when the action is, for example, condition reviewed. This subfield may also contain information about the status of the item that caused preservation to be rejected (e.g., action is preservation rejected) or information about the disposition of the original item (e.g., action is reformatted).
583 ##$3patent case files$n12$oreels of microfilm$lfilmed$c19811017$jCentral Services
583 0#$3plates$acondition reviewed$c20040915$lmutilated$2pda$5DLC
583 ##$aSolicit;$lPreviously offered;$c19841015
$n - Extent
Number of items involved.
583 ##$3student case files (9 file drawers)$n18$olinear ft.$aweed$dend of academic year$hStudent Affairs Office$jBldg. 174, Rm. 436
$o - Type of unit
Name of the unit of measurement.
If subfields $n and $o are repeated in one 583 field, each subfield $o follows its associated subfield $n.
583 ##$afumigate$n37$oarchives boxes;$n14$obound vol.$b79-54$c197906$kJJI
583 ##$adescribe$n5$oreels of videotape$n2$oreels of audiotape$n49$obroadsides$n12$ophonograph records$eafter phonograph records are reformatted$kFRG
$u - Uniform Resource Identifier
Uniform Resource Identifier (URI), for example a URL or URN, which provides electronic access data in a standard syntax. This data can be used for automated access to an electronic item using one of the Internet protocols.
In field 583, subfield $u is used to record the location of external or supplemental information accessible electronically.
583 1#$aconserved$c2004$u$2pda$5FU
583 0#$acondition reviewed$baaa0123$c20041011$u$2pda$5FU
583 1#$adeacidify$c19860501$uhttp://
583 0#$ahouse$c19841221$u
$x - Nonpublic note
Note pertaining to an action on an item that is not displayed to the public.
583 0#$acondition reviewed$c2004$ldefaced$xfaces in illustrations are blacked out$2pda$5NIC
583 1#$awill digitize$c2004$xNEH funding requested for Latin American collections$2pda$5FU
$z - Public note
Note pertaining to an action on an item that is displayed to the public.
583 1#$adigitized$b2004-074$c20041104$zInstitute for Museum and Library Services grant$2pda$5DLC
583 1#$aacquired surrogate$b2004-J292$c20041103$zfor further informationcontact the Preservation Department $2pda$5ICU
$2 - Source of term
MARC code that identifies the source of the term used to record the action information. Code from: Resource Action Term Source Codes.
If more than one source needs to be recorded, the field is repeated.
583 1#$awill transform digitally$c20031104$iOCR$zqueued for digitization, Nov. 4, 2003$2pda$5NIC
$3 - Materials specified
Part of the described material to which the field applies. When separate holdings records are made for the parts of a bibliographic item, each record may contain a field 583 that contains a subfield $3 to specify the part to which the note applies. When holdings for all of the parts of a bibliographic item are contained in one holdings record (and there is no 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology field), subfield $3 may be used whenever a data element in field 583 differs for a specified part of the item. It may also be used to relate the 583 Action note to information in an 876-878 Item Information field, when it is necessary to provide action information for item level data.
583 0#$3v.5$aacquired surrogate$c20040915$imicrofilm use copy$2pda$5CSt
583 1#$3plates$amass deacidified$c20040915$iDEZ$2pda$5MiEM
$5 - Institution to which field applies
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
583 1#$3plates$aconserved$c20050915$2pda$5MUM
583 ##$aqueued for preservation$c19861010$epriority$fTitle IIC project$5DLC
$6 - Linkage
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
583 ##$81.2$aexhibit$c1982/12/01 through 1982/03/01$jMuseum of Fine Arts
876 ##$81.2$aXAX1222-1$pA1234567


Punctuation - Field 583 does not end with a mark of punctuation unless the field ends with an abbreviation, initial/letter, or other data that ends with a mark of punctuation.
Past Actions - Action note created for a past action may be retained or deleted according to the policy of the creating organization. Information from a deleted action note may be retained in subfield $x (Nonpublic note) or $z (Public Note) of the remaining field 583.
Linking to Item Information fields - In cases where it is necessary to provide action information for item level data, subfield $3 (Materials specified) or subfield $8 (Field link and sequence number) may be used. If fields 863-865 are used for holdings data, subfield $8 in field 583 matches that in the appropriate 863-865 field to which the action note applies; if fields 866-868 are used for holdings data, the data in subfield $3 in 583 matches with that in field 866-868.
Embedded Holdings Information - When holdings information is embedded in a MARC bibliographic record, no additional 583 field is input.


Indicator 1 - Privacy [NEW, 2004]

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