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59X - Local Notes (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - Full
February 1999


Reserved in MARC for local use and local definition.

For interchange purposes, the practices used in fields 59X should be known by the parties involved in the interchange. It is the responsibility of the agency initiating such an interchange to provide this information.


590 - Local Note (BK, AM, MP, MU, VM, SE) [OBSOLETE, 1982]
In 1970, field 590 was defined in the visual materials specifications to contain receipt date ($a), provenance ($b), condition of individual reels ($c), and origin of safety copy ($d). Both indicators were undefined.

In 1980, the field was redefined in the visual materials specifications and defined for all other specifications to contain copy specific and/or holdings information. Both indicators were undefined; only subfield $a (Local note) was defined.

Field 590 was made obsolete when the entire 59X block of numbers was reserved for local use and definition.

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