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270 - Address (R)

MARC 21 Bibliographic - concise
May 2017

An address (as well as electronic access information such as email, telephone, fax, TTY, etc. numbers) for contacts related to the content of the bibliographic item. Multiple addresses, such as mailing addresses and addresses corresponding to the physical location of an item or facilities, are recorded in separate occurrences of field 270.

Styles used for identifying the portions of telephone, fax, and related numbers (i.e., country code, city/area code, exchange/line number, and any extension) varies greatly. In field 270, periods, spaces, and parentheses used to divide the portions of a number are replaced with hyphens. The portions of numbers recorded in subfields $j, $k, $l, and $n are recorded in the order [country code]-[area/city code]- [exchange/line number]. The exchange/line number portion often includes internal separators which are replaced by hyphens. If an extension is also given, it is appended to the telephone number preceded by a space and " x".


First - Level
# - No level specified
1 - Primary
2 - Secondary
Second - Type of address
# - No type specified
0 - Mailing
7 - Type specified in subfield $i

Subfield Codes

$a - Address (R)
$b - City (NR)
$c - State or province (NR)
$d - Country (NR)
$e - Postal code (NR)
$f - Terms preceding attention name (NR)
$g - Attention name (NR)
$h - Attention position (NR)
$i - Type of address (NR)
$j - Specialized telephone number (R)
$k - Telephone number (R)
$l - Fax number (R)
$m - Electronic mail address (R)
$n - TDD or TTY number (R)
$p - Contact person (R)
$q - Title of contact person (R)
$r - Hours (R)
$z - Public note (R)
$4 - Relationship (R)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.


270 ##$aNational Bureau of Economic Research$a1050 Massachusetts Ave.$bCambridge$cMA$e02138-5398$k1-617-868-3900$m[email protected]
270 1#$aSt. Louis County Government Center, Room 212$bClayton$cMO$e63143$k1-314-878-0238$pMarilyn Saunders
270 1#$aBuckley School$a305 S. First St.$bBuckley$cMI$e49620
270 20$aNational Labor Relations Board$a1099 14th St., N.W.$bWashington$cDC$e20570-0001
270 27$iU.S. business address$aEditorial Inca$a9610 SW 58th St.$bMiami$cFL$e33173
270 ##$aNo address given/sin dirección
270 1#$fDr.$gGeorge Smith$hDirector$a8899 South Lobo St.$bVancouver$cBC$dCanada$eV2N 1Z5$j1-800-543-1234$k1-604-947-1255$l1-604-947-0505$mGSMITHBC
270 10$gc/o M. Ballweg$a87 Woodward Ave., Staten Island$cNY$e10314$k1-718-761-5679
270 17$iOffice:$a325 Spring St.$bNew York$cNY$e10013
270 27$iBilling address:$aSears Credit$b7023 Albert Pick Rd.$cGreensboro$dNC$e27409$dUSA$j1-800-347-8425
270 ##$aP.O. Box 50007$bPasadena$cCA$e91115$j1-213-681-2626 (24 hour hotline)
270 ##$aFlorence Bain Center$a5470 Beaverkill Road$bColumbia$cMD$k1-410-964-0415 (Eve)$k1-410-461-0275 (Day)
270 ##$aP.O. Box 74$aStaten Island$cNY$kno phone/sin teléfono
270 ##$aLibrary of Congress$aNetwork Development and MARC Standards Office$bWashington$cDC$dU.S.$e20540-4402$l1-202-707-0115$m[email protected]
270 ##$k1-800-522-7116$n1-800-523-3494 (TTY)
270 ##$a666 Broadway$bNew York$cNY$e10012$j1-800-221-4602$k1-212-460-9330$pDonna M. Rosenthal
270 ##$aHannah More Academy Center, 12035 Reisterstown Rd.$bReisterstown$cMD$e21136$k1-410-887-1139$pIan J. Forrest$qBureau Chief
270 ##$aJohn Hopkins University$a5457 Twin Knolls Road$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$k+1-410-997-8045$rM-F 8:30am-5:00pm USA EST
270 ##$aOCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.$a6565 Frantz Road$bDublin$cOH$e43017-3395$k1-614-764-6000$m[email protected]$4org

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