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DATE: May 27, 2016

NAME: Recording Temporary Sublocation and Temporary Shelving Location in the MARC 21 Holdings Format


SUMMARY: This paper proposes the definition of subfield $k (Temporary sublocation or collection) in the 87x fields (Item Information – General Information) of the MARC 21 Holdings Format and the redefinition of subfield $l (Temporary location) to specify the temporary shelving location to provide more specificity to the temporary holdings information so that it can be easily identified in machine processing and to allow for its use relative to circulation policies.

KEYWORDS: Temporary sublocation or collection (HD); Temporary shelving location (HD); Fields 87X (HD)


05/27/16 – Made available to the MARC community for discussion.

06/26/16 – Results of MARC Advisory Committee discussion: There was general support for the paper and it will return as a proposal with an additional proposed subfield for "temporary location", which mirrors Holdings field 852 $a (Location).

Discussion Paper No. 2016-DP20: Recording Temporary Sublocation and Temporary Shelving Location


Recording the temporary sublocation and temporary shelving location of an item within specific, dedicated, subfields allows for effective use of the data by other applications. 

It is recommended that the 87x $k be defined to match the use of Field 852 (Location) subfield $b (Sublocation or collection) and recommend that the 87x $l be used in the same manner as the 852 $c (Shelving location)


The current definition of field(s) 87x in the Holdings format is as follows:

876-878 - Item Information-General Information

Item level information about the pieces to the item specified in the holdings record. They contain various data elements that it may be desirable to record for specific items for use in acquisition or circulation applications, among others.

May also be used to gather together separate bibliographic entities contained in a single physical item (“bound-with” situation) by recording an identical barcode in subfield $p or internal item number in subfield $a in each separate holdings record. In this situation subfield $3 (Materials specified) is used where applicable to indicate specific issues of serials or multipart items contained in the single physical piece.


First - Undefined
Second - Undefined

Subfield Codes

$a - Internal item number (NR)
$b - Invalid or canceled internal item number (R)
$c - Cost (R)
$d - Date acquired (R)
$e - Source of acquisition (R)
$h - Use restrictions (R)
$j - Item status (R)
$l - Temporary location (R)
$p - Piece designation (R)
$r - Invalid or canceled piece designation (R)
$t - Copy number (NR)
$x - Nonpublic note (R)
$z - Public note (R)
$3 - Materials specified (NR)
$6 - Linkage (NR)
$8 - Field link and sequence number (NR)

OCLC is proposing that a repeatable subfield $k be added as a new subfield to indicate the temporary location of an item and to redefine subfield $l (Temporary location) to include the temporary shelving location of the item:

$k – Temporary sublocation or collection (R)
Specific department, library, etc., within the holding organization in which the item is temporarily located or from which it is temporarily available. If desirable, a subfield $9 may be used for dates.

$l- Temporary shelving location
Description of the temporary shelving location of the item within the collection of the holding organization. It may be used to indicate the physical location within a sublocation; for example, reference alcove, oversize shelving. The description of the shelving location is given in full or in a standardized abbreviated or coded form. If desirable, a subfield $9 may be used for dates.




Example 1:

852 ## $a OBerB $b MAIN $c MAIN-STACKS $h 813.52 $i N832b
876 ## $p 30717000056138 $k EAST $l EAST-Course Reserves

Example 2:

852 ## $a OBerB $b MAIN $c MAIN-STACKS $h 813.52 $i N832b
853 33 $8 1 $a v.
863 ## $8 1.1 $a 1
863 ## $8 1.2 $a 2
863 ## $8 1.3 $a 3
876 ## $8 1.1 $p 2337080913
876 ## $8 1.2 $p 2337890013 $k EAST $l EAST-Course Reserves
876 ## $8 1.3 $p 78923370008


Impact undetermined.


5.1. This discussion paper recommends the addition of one subfield and repurposing of another in the 876 field; are there other alternatives that should be considered that would allow for the specificity needed for recording the temporary location of a specific item while at the same time maintaining the current definition of subfield $l?

5.2. Should a subfield also be defined to include temporary location information that mirrors the 852 $a, to support the temporary relocation of materials to a different library/location in addition to sublocation/collection and shelving location?

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