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This category includes any service that distributes MARC 21 records, such as records for copy cataloging, records supplied with materials, records used for recon purposes, updated records, conversion services, etc. Free services are indicated in the title of each listing.

For more information about these services, please see their corresponding websites.

Record Services Listing

Backstage Library Works Cataloging Services

Backstage Library Works provides automated and manual processes for obtaining MARC records. Cataloging services include copy and original for a variety of formats and languages, MARS authority control, automated and manual reclassification, record upgrades and enhancements, and bar code/spine labels. Databases can be converted and upgraded to MARC format, including Marcadia, an automated search of the RLG Union Catalog. Backstage also provides digitization and metadata services.

Backstage Library Works
1180 South 800 East
Orem, UT 84097
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-288-1265
Fax: +1-801-356-8220


WebClarity Software Inc.ís BookWhere is a Z39.50 search client that allows users to search for metadata and cataloguing copy and export it in a variety of formats. Records can be saved to a file and imported into most library and citation management systems. Systems incorporating WebClarity's SEND-TO API can receive records directly and seamlessly. BookWhere provides simple and expert search capabilities using keyword, Boolean, and cross-index searching as well as browse.

Two levels of batch searching are supported: basic and enhanced (available with BookWhere Suite) where users can submit any number of searches across any number of databases. BookWhere uses unique heuristic record rating and scoring algorithms to help users pinpoint the most complete bibliographic records.

WebClarity manages the largest shared directory of databases in the world (currently 2900+). BookWhere products are able to automatically synchronize (AutoSync) with this central directory for new additions and changes on a regular basis ensuring the most timely and seamless access of any service.

Users can also add their own databases and define login details on any database making it possible to search specific subscription-only or password-controlled databases, such as those provided by OCLC or Library and Archives Canada. The end result is a consolidated search mechanism for all of your record sources, whether shared or subscription.

BookWhere Suite includes MARC record editing to assist with pre-processing. Routines can be performed against a single record, or a batch of records all at once. Macros can add, remove or append to tags and contain multiple iterations of these commands allowing you to in two quick keystrokes eliminate what might otherwise take multiple time-consuming steps. It supports multiple character encoding schemas and can facilitate conversion between them: utf-8 (Unicode), MARC-8 (ALA) and ISO 8859-1 (Latin 1).

BookWhere Online is a Web-based Z39.50 search tool. It is an HTTP subscription service accessed via a standard Web browser including those used on Mac platforms. For more information visit: For Technical Requirements visit:

WebClarity Software Inc.
565 Bryne Drive, Unit B
Barrie, ON L4N 9Y3
[email protected]
Telephone: +1-866-213-8880
Fax: +1-705-792-2718

Brodart Retrospective Conversion

Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc.

Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc. provides MARC 21 bibliographic records for print, electronic, audiovisual, rare books, foreign language, union lists, cataloging-in-publication for authors and publishing houses plus onsite processing services. Specializing in original cataloging, CCSs records load into any MARC 21-compliant software and adhere to the national bibliographic standards set forth in the AACR2 Rev.2002 and include Library of Congress subject headings, LC classification numbers and DDC numbers where requested. Subject strengths are LAW, BUSINESS, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY supporting corporate research. Products available include Web-Hosted OPAC---now with interactive serials check-in, labels, cards, paper shelflist and book catalogs.

Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc.
248 W. Main St., Suite 2
Rockway, NJ 07866
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-973-586-3200
Fax: +1-973-586-3201

The Donohue Group Incorporated (DGI)

The Donohue Group, Inc. (DGI) is a professional cataloging and project management company serving the library and archives communities since 1984.

DGI is a company of professional catalogers, providing both copy and original RDA cataloging in a variety of languages and for all material formats, including e-resources. Our services include retrospective conversion, reclassification, database cleanup, metadata creation for digitized materials, vendor record upgrades, and full shelf-ready physical processing. Our catalogers can work directly in OCLC, SkyRiver or client systems as needed, or create and deliver records according to any specifications required.

DGI also provides project management and qualified staff for on-site services such as inventory, weeding, barcoding and RFID tagging, relabeling, and other collection management activities.

DGI's PCIP (Publisher's Cataloging-In-Publication) service supplies cataloging to hundreds of small and independent presses and self-publishing authors, with record delivery to OCLC and SkyRiver.

DGI is an independent member of the NACO program under the Program for Cooperative Cataloging.
The Donohue Group Incorporated (DGI)

The Donohue Group Incorporated (DGI)
41 Mechanic Street
Windsor, Connecticut 06095
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-860-683-1647
Fax: +1-860-683-1678

Duncan Systems Specialists Inc. - Custom Cataloging & Database Services

Duncan Systems Specialists Inc. (DSS) provides customized cataloging, processing services and cataloging products for all types of libraries including: retrospective conversion, recataloging, reclassification, derived and original cataloging (book, non-book and non-English language materials, including many non-Roman alphabet languages), database upgrades/migrations, data format conversions (non-MARC to MARC and vice versa), shelf-ready and CIRC-ready item processing, print products such as label sets, card kits, smart barcodes, edit lists, etc., and full or partial outsourcing solutions. DSS's OPUS database and cataloging utility contains in excess of 12,000,000 unique, full MARC 21 records and currently consists of the complete Library of Congress (LC) database, the National Library of Canada (NLC) database, DSS's own UNIQ file, as well as DSS customer union databases which are housed and maintained by DSS.

Duncan Systems Specialists Inc.
281 Wyecroft Road
Oakville, ON L6K 2H2
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-836-5049
Fax: +1-905-338-1847


Impact/ONLINE MARCit is a cataloging support system that provides access to over 50 million MARC 21 bibliographic and authority records via the Web. Features include authority control, full screen interactive editor, FTP record delivery and Z39.50 access. Minimum hardware requirements: Windows 95 or 98 or NT 4.0 operating system, 166 MMX MHz Pentium processor, 32MB RAM memory, 28.8K BPS modem, 15MB free hard disk space, Web browser, either Netscape Navigator 4 or higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 or higher.

Brian Morrell
A-G Canada, Ltd.
3300 Bloor St. West
9th Floor, Center Tower
Toronto, Ontario M8X 2X3
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-225-8534 extension 307
Fax: +1-416-236-7489


The Library Corporation's ITS.MARC™ provides Z39.50 or Web access to over 16 million MARC records, with Z39.50 access to the 84 million record RLIN database. ITS.MARC is updated daily with records from the Library of Congress. Other databases are updated as new cataloging is received. Users may search ITS.MARC by title, author, subject, keyword, or any of eleven standard numbers. ITS.MARC includes full Boolean support for more powerful searching. Once a user finds a desired record, he can click on "Save" to open an editor window or save to a queue for later retrieval. Users may edit records using the ease and sophistication of the industry's only third generation technical services workstation, ITS.forWindows™, which is part of ITS.MARC.

The Library Corporation
The Library Corporation Research Park
Inwood, WV 25428
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-325-7759
Fax: +1-304-229-0295

LaserQuest ® CD-ROM Cataloging System

LaserQuest ®, the world's largest CD-ROM cataloging database, has more than 10 million MARC records from the Library of Congress, National Library of Canada and clients that provide high hit rates for retrospective and new cataloging. Numeric and title searching results in match lists that provide title, author, publication information, pagination and source record symbols. Enjoy effortless networking and monthly or bimonthly updates. LaserQuest ® supports the MARC 21 bibliographic format.

Vickie Blades
Library Systems
5383 Hollister Avenue, Suite 200
Santa Barbara, CA 93111-2349
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-933-5383 (U.S. or Canada) or +1-805-879-4278
Fax: +1-805-967-7094


Library of Congress Cataloging MARC Distribution Service

The Library of Congress Cataloging MARC Distribution Service offers MARC 21 bibliographic, authority and classification records via Internet FTP. It provides cataloging for materials in hundreds of languages--some as diverse as Swahili and Arabic,with some non-roman alphabet languages like Chinese, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Yiddish available in vernacular scripts. It adheres to the national level cataloging for almost all English-language imprints and includes cataloging from CONSER and NACO participants.

Library of Congress Cataloging Distribution Service
Customer Services Section
Washington, DC 20541-4912
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]gov
Telephone: Toll-free in U.S.: 1-800-255-3666 (CDS Products and Services Only) or +1-202-707-6100
Fax: +1-202-707-1334
For bills, credits, and payment information, call (202) 707-6104

Library Technologies, Inc.

Since 1989 Library Technologies, Inc. has authorized 200+ million bibliographic records for over one thousand domestic and international libraries. A client list is found on its web site and includes all types and sizes of libraries, using every ILS vendor. In addition to LC name (personal, corporate, conference, uniform titles and series) headings and LCSH topical and geographic headings, libraries may authorize LC Children's subjects, Sears subjects, and NLM MeSH subjects. Both "limited review" and full manual review authority control options are offered. For limited review processing, databases under one-half million catalog records usually take about three weeks to process. Following batch authority control, libraries may opt to receive FTP- and/or web-based continuing services for authorizing new cataloging and for keeping current with Library of Congress revisions. LTI also delivers a broad range of ancillary library database preparation services, including: duplicate record resolution; union catalog creation; item field builds specific to each local system vendor's requirements; smart and dumb photocomposed barcode labels; item field remaps preliminary to migration from one ILS to another; and custom bibliographic data projects.

James G. Schoenung, Ph.D.
Library Technologies, Inc.
2300 Computer Ave., Suite D-19
Willow Grove, PA 19090
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-795-9504
FAX: +1-215-830-9422


MARCIVE, Inc., offers libraries value-added MARC bibliographic records (from LC, NLM, NLC, GPO, A/V Access, and other sources), smart barcode labels, book labels, matching MARC authority records, catalog card images for printing, and other products. Libraries order using MarciveWeb SELECT, a free full record display and MARC record creation tool. Libraries also use MARCIVE for authorities processing (LCNA, LCSH, Genre, MeSH, Canadian, NASA) both for backfiles and ongoing cataloging (Overnight Authorities and Notification Service). The RDA Conversion Service (RDACS) updates MARC records to conform to Resource Description and Access. Other bibliographic services include deduplication; reclassification from Dewey to LC; retrospective conversion from shelflist cards or brief computer records to full MARC format; and record enrichment (TOC, Fiction/Biography, Summaries, Accelerated Reader, Lexile, and Reading Counts). A specialty is U.S. government document cataloging and processing, including Documents Without Shelves

Customer Service
P.O. Box 47508
San Antonio, TX 78265
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-800-531-7678
FAX: +1-210-646-0167

NOTEbookS MARC Import

NOTEbookS MARC Import brings MARC bibliographic, authority, holdings, classification and community information records into a Lotus Notes database.

Beau Schless
43 Mary Catherine Lane
Sudbury, MA 01776
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-978-443-2996
Fax: +1-978-443-7602


SkyRiver is a full service bibliographic utility that connects libraries with the metadata they need to catalog library collections. Designed and optimized by technical and library experts with input from technical services librarians in the field, the SkyRiver interface is intuitive and easy to use, allowing libraries to simplify workflows and increase efficiency.

SkyRiverís ever-growing database contains more than 43 million full, unique records. Sophisticated matching algorithms minimize duplication and sub-standard records, saving catalogers time and reducing searching frustration. The database includes the full Library of Congress MARC files and CONSER files, and is supplemented by public domain metadata from SkyRiver customer libraries and hundreds of other contributing libraries.

Library staff can easily create original bibliographic and authority records and set up work forms and constant data.

Innovative Interfaces
5850 Shellmound Way
Emeryville, CA 94608
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-510-655-6200
Fax: +1-510-450-6350.

SLC Library Cataloguing Services

Special Libraries Cataloguing (SLC) provides MARC 21 bibliographic records via disk, tape, or FTP for library acquisitions. The records are created based on photocopies of title pages (recto and verso) with collation written on and may be loaded into any MARC 21 compliant OPAC. AACR2 1988 and LCSH are used. The library's choice of LCC, DDC, NLM, Moys and CanKF classifications is available. Print products, including spine and circulation labels, book catalogues, and catalogue cards are also available.

J. McRee (Mac) Elrod
SLC Library Cataloguing Services
4493 Lindholm Road
Victoria, BC V9C 3Y1
Internet e-mail address: [email protected]
Telephone: +1-250-474-3361
Fax: +1-250-474-3362

SPACEPOL Biblioblog

SPACEPOL Editeurs universitaires Academic Publishers Co of Quebec, Canada is the first publisher to provide free online ONIX-XML and MARC-XML records to interested supply chain partners and libraries via our Biblioblog Service located on the Libraries page of the SPACEPOL Website. Data have been certified at gold level by BookNet Canada. For more information see: (Company website)

SPACEPOL Éditeurs universitaires | Academic Publishers
Quebec, G1R1N4
Fax: +1-514-313-5501

Validator Subjects and Names Authority Database

Validator Subjects and Names Authority database includes 270,000 subject headings and over 5 million names records specifying personal and corporate names, series and uniform titles.
See description under MARC Tools at Validator

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