Z39.50-1995 Amendment 2:
Z39.50 Duplicate Detection Service

April 1999
Amendment Number: Z39.50-1995 Amendment 2
Formerly Z39.50MA-AM0005

Originator: ZIG

Date: 4/99

Amendment Concerning: Result set duplicates

Reference in Document: New service. No reference in Z39.50-1995.

Reference in Maintenance Agency page: http://www.loc.gov/z3950/agency/amend/dedup.html


New Z39.50 service to allows the origin to request that the target analyze one or more result sets in terms of potential duplicates and to construct a new result set according to origin-specified criteria for detecting, retaining, grouping, and ordering the records including duplicates.

See Z39.50 Duplicate Detection Service Definition (including ASN.1 specification)

Status: Approved by ZIG, March 1999. Approved by Z39.50 Maintenance Agency, April 1999.

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