User Information Format, AuthorityFileInfo

The definition below is provided for use within an otherInfo item within commonInfo, within TermListDetails of Explain. The definition was developed for use by the Zthes profile (3.7.3. Locating a Relevant Zthes Database).

The object identifier for this definition is 1.2.840.10003.10.11

{Z39-50-userInfoFormat authorityFileInfo (11)} DEFINITIONS ::=
IMPORTS HumanString FROM RecordSyntax-explain; 
InternationalString FROM Z39-50-APDU-1995;
AuthorityFileInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
        name        [1] IMPLICIT HumanString,  -- for display
        database    [2] IMPLICIT InternationalString,
                         -- z39.50s URL to the authority database.
                         -- Simplifies to a database name if on the same server.
        exclusive   [3] IMPLICIT NULL OPTIONAL
                         -- If present, all terms in the term
                         -- list come from this authority file.
                         -- If absent, other terms may or may not
                         -- be present in the term list.

Library of Congress
Original Definition: November 20, 2000
Approved by ZIG: December 2000