User Information Format recordInsertActionQualifier

November 1999

This definition is developed for use by the Union Catalogue Profile.

{Z39-50-userInfoFormat recordInsertActionQualifier  (9)} 
-- The origin may send a "does not duplicate list" 
-- attached to a record, in a record insert action 
-- of a database update ES task, to convey to the target 
--  that certain records retrieved in a search had been 
-- considered and rejected before this record was created. 
-- If a record insert action contains only one record, 
-- then the "does not duplicate" list may be sent in the 
-- action qualifier using this format. 
-- (Where multiple records are sent in one request, 
-- this format should not be used; instead,  
-- GRS-1 with the record insert schema should be used.)
RecordInsertActionQualifier ::= SEQUENCE{
idsOrCode         [1] CHOICE{
                        nonDupRecordIds      [1]     
                             IMPLICIT SEQUENCE OF 
                       RecordReviewCode      [2]    
                       IMPLICIT InternationalString},
recordReviewNote  [2] IMPLICIT InternationalString OPTIONAL}