Update Schema

February 1, 1999

The Object Identifier for this Schema definition is 1.2.840.10003.13.6.

This retrieval schema, for use with the Update Extended Service, models a database record as the actual record together with a few additional fields to support Update functions such as record locking.
Note: When a database record is formatted for transfer, these fields may be included in the transfer record; whether any of these supplementary fields are maintained as part of the physical database record, or whether the fields are dynamically created when constructing a transfer record, is not within the scope of this definition.
The actual transfer record (that would be transferred if this schema were not applied) remains intact, as an element within the transfer record formed by the application of this schema. It is typed as EXTERNAL and as such, the record syntax may be conveyed. (The record syntax for transfer of the record defined by this schema is to be GRS-1.)

The schema identifer within the Update definition should identify this schema: 1.2.840.10003.13.6. Therefore, a schema identifier is included as an element defined by this schema, to indicate the schema of the actual record (the schema identifer that would be used within the Update definition if the record were not packaged within this schema).

Abstract Record Structure

Element Occurrence Repeatable Datatype
setLock optional no NULL
lockSet optional no NULL
lockExpiry optional no EXTERNAL (1.2.840.10003.10.6)
lockDescription optional no InternationalString
timeStamp optional no EXTERNAL (1.2.840.10003.10.6)
recordId optional no See description below
recordWrapper optional no RecordWrapper
instructions optional no EXTERNAL

Definition of Datatype RecordWrapper

Element Occurrence Repeatable Datatype
schemaId optional no Object Identifier
record mandatory no EXTERNAL

Description of Elements

setLock may occur only when schema is sent by the origin (in an ES request). If it occurs, origin requests that the record be locked.
lockSet may occur only when schema is sent by the target (in a task package or Present Response). If it occurs, target indicates that the record is locked.
lockExpiry may occur only if setLock or lockSet occurs. When sent by origin, indicates the proposed expiration time/date for the lock. When sent by target, indicates the approximate expiration of lock.
lockDescription may occur only if setLock or lockSet occurs. It is a text description of the lock, including, perhaps, who set (or is setting) the lock, why it is (or was) set; etc.
A timestamp of the included database record.
The recordId of the included database record. It is an INTEGER, InternationalString, or OCTET STRING, as in the Update ES definition.
The recordWrapper is tagSet-M element 20, used to wrap a record together with its schema identifier.
tagSet-M element 1. The schema in which the record (in element 'record') is transferred. The schemaId is optional and may be omitted if the origin and target have a prior agreement of what schema will be used.
The actual database record.
Update instructions specific to a particular record.


The following tagSet is defined in conjunction with the Update Schema definition, and is registered with object identifier 1.2.840.10003.14.7.

Tag Element
1 setLock
2 lockSet
3 LockExpiry
4 LockDescription
5 TimeStamp
6 recordId
7 record
8 instructions
Following added 12/99 to support Record Insert and Edit/Replace schemas
9 nonDupRecordId
10 recordReviewCode
11 recordReviewNote
12 persistentResultsSetPackageName
13 numberOfRecords
14 creationDateTime
15 reviewCode
16 reviewNote
17 changeDataInfo
18 fieldIdentifier
19 oldValue
20 oldValueTruncationAttribute
21 conditionalField
22 conditionalValue
23 conditionalTruncationAttribute
24 newValue
25 editReplaceType
26 case

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