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270 - Address (R)

MARC 21 Community Information - Concise

Address (as well as electronic access data such as telephone, fax, TTY, etc. number) associated with the community information. Multiple addresses, such as mailing address and address corresponding to the physical location of a resource or facility, are recorded in separate occurrences of field 270.

First - Level
# - No level specified
1 - Primary
2 - Secondary
Second - Type of address
# - No type specified
0 - Mailing
7 - Type specified in subfield $i
Subfield Codes
$a - Address (R)
Subfield $a repeatability permits multiline display of the address.
$b - City (NR)
$c - State or province (NR)
$d - Country (NR)
$e - Postal code (NR)
$f - Title preceding attention name (NR)
$g - Attention name (NR)
$h - Title following attention name (NR)
$i - Type of address (NR)
First subfield in the field when no subfield $6 is present.
$j - Specialized telephone number (R)
Service number (e.g., a hotline number) other than the administrative or other number contained in subfield $k, $l, or $n.
$k - Telephone number (R)
$l - Fax number (R)
$m - Electronic mail address (R)
$n - TDD or TTY number (R)
$p - Contact person (R)
Not used if the contact person is named in subfield $g.
$q - Title of contact person (R)
$r - Hours (R)
Hours that access to the address, contact, and or telephone numbers is available.
$z - Public note (R)
$4 - Relator code (R)
MARC code that specifies the relationship between information in field 270 and the item described in the record. Code from: MARC Code Lists for Relators, Sources, Description Conventions.
$6 - Linkage (NR)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
$8 - Field link and sequence number (R)
See the description of this subfield in Appendix A: Control Subfields.
270 ##$aJohns Hopkins University$a5457 Twin Knolls Road$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$k+1-410-997-8045$rM-F 8:30am-5:00pm USA
270 1#$aSt. Louis County Government Center, Room 212$bClayton$cMO$e63143$k878-0238$pMarilyn Saunders
270 20$aTaylor, Barley and Winter$a1 East 90th St.$bNew York$cNY$e10021
270 1#$aBuckley School$a305 S. First St.$bBuckley$cMI$e49620
270 20$aSocorro Independent School District$aP.O. Box 27400$bEl Paso$cTX$e79978
270 27$iU.S. business address$aEditorial Inca$a9610 SW 58th St.$bMiami$cFL$e33173
270 ##$a6 Manor Court$bBaltimore$cMD$e21210$k1-410-377-2860
270 1#$aPrichard Building, 9th St. and 6th Ave., Suite 524$bHuntington$cWV$e25701$k1-304-523-2827
270 1#$ac/o St. Luke's Church, 308 W. 46th St.$bNew York$cNY
270 10$gc/o M. Ballweg$a87 Woodward Ave., Staten Island$cNY$e10314$k1-718-761-5679[A mailing address for a society that has no physical location.]
270 ##$a5470 Beaverkill Road$aFlorence Bain Center$bColumbia$cMD$k1-410-964-0415 (Eve)$k1-410-461-0275 (Day)
270 ##$a622 Central Avenue$bTowson$cMD$e21204
270 ##$a2150 300 W, Suite #16$bSalt Lake City$cUT$e84115
270 ##$aP.O. Box 8344$bSalt Lake City$cUT$e84108
270 ##$a1430 S. Boulder$bTulsa$cOK$e74119$k1-918-583-7171
270 ##$aUniversity of Alaska, 707 A St.$bAnchorage$cAK$e99501$k1-901-279-4523
270 ##$aBibliothèque américaine à Paris, 10, rue du Général Camou$bParis$dFrance$e75007
270 ##$gKerry Cook$a6172 Devon Drive$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$k1-301-596-1011
270 ##$gExecutive Officer$a3701 Old Court Road, Suite 20$bBaltimore$cMD$e21208$k1-410-486-5515
270 1#$gGeorge Smith$hDirector$a8899 South Lobo St.$bVancouver$cBC$dCanada$eV2N 1Z5$j1-800-543-1234$k1-604-947-1255$l1-604-947-0505$mGSMITHBC
270 27$iBilling address:$aSears Credit$a7023 Albert Pick Rd.$bGreensboro$cNC$e27409$dUSA$j1-800-347-8425
270 17$iOffice:$a325 Spring St.$bNew York$cNY$e10013
270 #7$iCenter:$a179 Varick St.$bNew York$cNY
270 ##$aP.O. Box 50007$bPasadena$cCA$e91115$j1-213-681-2626 (24 hour hotline)
270 ##$a2500 Route 60 East$bOna$cWV$e25545$j1-304-743-5500 (Emergency Dispatch Line)$k1-304-743-3262
270 ##$a666 Broadway$bNew York$cNY$e10012$j1-800-221-4602$k1-212-460-9330$pDonna M. Rosenthal
270 ##$a4844 Broadway$bNew York$cNY$k1-212-569-5050
270 ##$a100 Longridge Court$bTimonium$cMD$e21093$k1-410-252-9326$k1-410-252-1318$pJohn or Sally Tullis
270 ##$a8950 Route 108, Gorman Plaza, Suite 116$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$j1-410-997-CASA (hotline)$k1-410-997-0304
270 ##$a5470 Beaverkill Road$aFlorence Bain Center$bColumbia$cMD$k1-410-964-0415 (Eve)$k1-410-461-0275 (Day)
270 ##$aP.O. Box 74$aStaten Island$cNY$kno phone/sin teléfono
270 ##$k1-800-522-7116$n1-800-523-3494 (TTY)[Telephone numbers for an association that has no physical location.]
270 ##$aInterNIC Information Services$bSan Diego$cCA$k1-619-455-4600$l1-619-455-3900
270 ##$aLibrary of Congress,$aNetwork Development and MARC Standards Office$bWashington$cDC$dU.S.$e20540-4402$l1-202-707-0115$
270 ##$aLittle Patuxent Parkway$bColumbia$cMD$k1-410-992-4800$n1-410-992-4822 (TDD)
270 20$aP.O. Box 223$bBroken Arrow$cOK$e74013$pSgt. Kathy Hibner
270 ##$aHannah More Academy Center, 12035 Reisterstown Rd.$bReisterstown$cMD$e21136$k1-410-887-1139$pIan J. Forrest$qBureau Chief
270 ##$aJohns Hopkins University$a5457 Twin Knolls Road$bColumbia$cMD$e21045$k+1-410-997-8045$rM-F 8:30am-5:00pm USA EST
270 1#$aOCLC Online Computer Library Center$a6565 Frantz Rd.$bDublin$cOH$e43017$4org

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